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This article has multiple issues. Wikipedia editor’s personal feelings about a topic. Industrial health managers need training and experience industrial licensing policy pdf and remediating conditions that present major health threats to their respective workforces.

Then they can train the rest of management and can teach the workers themselves about the best way to carry out their jobs with minimum threats to their health. As per an estimate 300 units in the medium and large scale sector were either closed or were on the stage of closing in the year 1976. 4 lakhs unit were also reported to be ailing. And this position also remain same in the next decades.

47,740 involving an out standing bank credit of Rs. Where the total number of large Industries which are sick were 637 units at the end of year 1985 increased to 714 units in the end of next year 1986. Likewise on the other hand the number of sick small scale units were also increased 1. 18 lakhs at the end of 1985 to 1. 46 lakhs at the end of 1986. The bank amount which was outstanding in case of large industries for the same period also increased from Rs.

Dues of Small Scale sector also increased from Rs. 1306 crores at the end of the year 1986. 4874 at the end of the year 1986. Marketing and SicknessĀ : This is another part which always affects the health of any sector as well as SSI. Personnel Constraint: The first for most important reason for the sickness of small scale industries are non availability of skilled labour or manpower wages disparity in similar industry and general labour invested in the area. The sickness arrives due to liberal licensing policies, restrain of purchase by bulk purchasers, changes in global marketing scenario, excessive tax policies by govt. Production Constraints: This is another reason for the sickness which comes under external cause of sickness.

Finance Constraints: Another external cause for the sickness of SSIs is lack of finance. This arises due to credit restrains policy, delay in disbursement of loan by govt. An Article on Industrial Sickness from Prof. Punit Kumar Dwivedi, Research Scholar, Department of Commerce, University of Lucknow. An article on Industrial Sickness from S. Industrial Sickness, According to information compiled by. RBI from scheduled commercial banks, as of March 31, 2001.

This page was last edited on 23 November 2017, at 00:54. This article is about the field of economics. There are different approaches to the subject. The subject has a theoretical side and a practical side. According to one textbook: “On one plane the field is abstract, a set of analytical concepts about competition and monopoly. Paolo Sylos Labini, among others.

Assessments of the subject have differed over time. That all is not well with this in this once flourishing field is readily apparent. A response came 15 years later: “oday’s verdict is that industrial organization is alive and well and the queen of applied microeconomics. There, Industrial Organization, one of 20 primary categories, has 9 secondary categories, each with multiple tertiary categories. Online and footnotes to their respective JEL-tertiary categories and associated New-Palgrave links.