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Teaching AP for the First Time? AP teachers, information security lab manual pdf experts, and higher education faculty to support teachers in implementing the new focus on inquiry in their biology labs.

The manual’s unique design enables teachers to guide students through experiments and procedures that are easily tailored to diverse needs and appropriate for small and large classes. This Supplement to the First Printing of the lab manual includes updated URLs, corrections, clarifications, sample data tables for Investigation 7, and an updated version of the AP Biology Equations and Formulas appendix. Student Manual incorporates these changes. Both of these resources are available on the College Board Store. You can download the full AP Biology Teacher lab manual, which includes the Student Lab Manual.

Download the individual labs and appendixes by clicking on their specific titles. Provides a list of links to the online resources in the Teacher Manual. To access the data files needed for Big Idea 1: Evolution, Investigative Lab 3: Comparing DNA Sequences to Understand Evolutionary Relationships with BLAST, follow the directions below. Once the zip file is saved, unpack it by saving the individual file. A screen will appear with the parameters for your query already configured. Do not alter any of the parameters. After collecting and analyzing all of the data for that particular gene, repeat this procedure for the other two gene sequences.