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Please update this article ip packet format pdf reflect recent events or newly available information. IPv6 packets, as they do for IPv4. IPv6 parameters that are used in the various IPv6 headers.

The bits of this field hold two values. Currently, all standard DS fields end with a ‘0’ bit. Any DS field that ends with two ‘1’ bits is intended for local or experimental use. When set to a non-zero value, it serves as a hint to routers and switches with multiple outbound paths that these packets should stay on the same path, so that they will not be reordered. It has further been suggested that the flow label be used to help detect spoofed packets. The size of the payload in octets, including any extension headers.

Specifies the type of the next header. When extension headers are present in the packet this field indicates which extension header follows. This value is decremented by one at each intermediate node visited by the packet. When the counter reaches 0 the packet is discarded. The defined extension headers below are listed in the preferred order, should there be more than one extension header following the fixed header.