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Vamo V2 basic operating instructions, settings, features and guide. The Vamo V2 is a high performance, variable volt, variable watt APV, itaste svd manual pdf device.

An Ecig, or electronic cigarette, much more heavy duty, more power, more vapor depending on your tank, cartomizer and settings. The Vamo V2 APV e cig produces a massive amount of vapor and throat hit with the right settings, and atomizer. The Vamo V2 is for the advanced e cig user. 40 for the Vamo V2 is an excellent price, solid quality and great vape!

I purchased my Vamo V2 about back in June 2012. It came with no instructions at all, just in a box. After a few weeks of figuring out and picking pieces of information, I put it all together with the information below. 2014, same Vamo v2 still operating fine. Chrome, black chrome or stainless steel. Have heard on the chrome or black chrome Vamo versions the finish tends to wear off, and leaves blemishes on the finish. Mainly due to the oils on your hand etc.

Have not had this happen to mine as of yet, I have the Black chrome version. There are Vamo wraps or skins that you can further personalize the Vamo. Compatible with 510 atomizers, cartomizers, Vision Ego Clearomizer 2. Black Carbon Fiber skin also includes the smaller skin for the Vamo V2’s extender piece. Gives the Vamo V2 a better look, better feel and improved grip! No more finger print magnet!

Updated 7-3-13, Vamo skin has been on 16 months now, and still in perfect shape, still looks brand new. The Black Chrome version, 4 photos on page is my Vamo V2. 2 Awesome Tobacco EJuice Flavors! The Vamo comes with an extender center casing adapter for the longer Vamo.

I prefer the shorter, single 18350 battery setup. It is a much stealthier, and good size to handle in hand. 18350 battery without the extender tube casing setup is the same height as the Ego 900mah e cig with a CE4 clearomizer as you see in photo. Single IMR 18350 is 800mah, I get about 3 hours of moderate use.

Single IMR 18650 is 2200mah, I get about 1-2 days vaping. Fully charged battery reads 4. If I am mixing in the Vamo along with using my other e cig battery devices, the 18650 will last a few days. I vape at around 6. Ohm resistance on tanks of 2. I work from home, so have a tendency to chain vape at times.