Japji sahib in hindi written pdf

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1430 pages and japji sahib in hindi written pdf divided into 39 chapters. All copies are exactly alike.

The Sikhs are forbidden from making any changes to the text within this scripture. Dev, the fifth guru of the Sikhs. The work of compilation was started in 1601 and finished in 1604. Sindhi was done in 1959 by Jethanand B. Lalwani of Bharat Jivan Publications. He used his entire personal savings and produced 500 copies.

Lalwani later took out loans to make a reprint in 1963. It was completed in 1711. Indian languages and had studied many ancient Indian religious scriptures. Nanakshahi Trust took up digitization of Sikh scriptures in 2003. Thousands of manuscripts have been digitized and are available online at Panjab Digital Library. Online Guru Granth Sahib with Hindi, Punjabi and English translation.