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In later Japanese history, the naginata was associated with female samurai. Multiple theories concerning the weapon’s exact origins are in debate. Polearms are intended as mass weapons, jeet kune do curriculum pdf be used not just by individual warriors, but by formations of soldiers together on field battles and not for dueling.

Fighting in massed formation does not require similar individual weapon-handling skills as required by a skilled swordsman. Naginata are almost identical in appearance to both the glaive and the guan dao, and it is most likely result of parallel evolution. In the early history of its use, the naginata was primarily used against cavalry, as its length kept the wielder a safe distance from horses and their riders. This period also saw the propagation of the naginata as a feminine art and the weapon serving as more of a symbol of devotion to a woman’s family. Modern competition with bamboo naginata. Outside Japan naginata is practiced in Europe, Australia, North and South America. This page was last edited on 15 May 2017, at 03:03.

Jeremy Lynch, Tim Tackett, and D. The Chinatown JKD Association aims to preserve the teachings of Bruce Lee with a focus on the Chinatown Los Angeles “era” of Jeet Kune Do. Our mission to preserve and promote JKD involves the production and distribution of online training modules via JKDLessons. The online video lessons are structured within a progressive curriculum and designed to accelerate the learning process of Chinatown Jeet Kune Do. The Level 1 curriculum alone offers over 15 hours of detailed instruction. Here you will find information on the certification process for students and instructors plus the locations of Chinatown JKD study groups open to our members. A full listing of the persons qualified to teach Chinatown Jeet Kune Do.

Groups run by our members for the purpose of training Chinatown JKD material. The individuals responsible for creating and operating the Chinatown JKD association. A full listing of members holding official rank below instructor in Chinatown JKD. Find local events and in-person training opportunities with official Chinatown JKD instructors. Private intensive workshops are also available.

Instructor ranking requirements of the Chinatown JKD Association. There are a total of 8 levels, including Student Trainer. A detailed manual of the sparring progressions used by our instructors. How Jeet Kune Do is used to analyse other martial arts. Blue demonstrates some attacking footwork from the Chinatown JKD curriculum.