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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. In 2004, the company marked its johnson smith catalog pdf anniversary.

He sells masks and whoopie cushions out of the trunk of his automobile, then through a 64-page catalogue of surprising novelties, puzzles, tricks, joke goods, and useful articles. 400 pages, employing more than 150 people. The catalog grows to 576 pages, with 100,000 copies being printed. However, the catalog was still compiled and printed, providing a light-hearted diversion for thousands of families. Full-page ads showing new items were run in science, outdoor, detective, Western, and boys’ magazines. Alfred’s son, Arthur, joins the business, followed by his other son Paul, the following year.

Comic magazines become popular — Johnson Smith Co. Webster regularly copies Johnson Smith Co. The last full-size catalog was published as the U. The company goes on a hiatus through 1946 due to lack of merchandise, personnel, paper, etc. Alfred Johnson Smith dies at age 63. 96-page catalog of 2,800 of its most popular items. Company sales and circulation increase, enabling the company to buy and sell merchandise for less.

Paul Hoenle joins the company. Arthur Smith decides to retire as his health declines. Approximately 400 mail-order companies in the U. 300,000 to 500,000 copies of the 96-page digest-size, black-and-white catalog are printed annually during this period.

New technology and machinery is added to handle the increased number of orders. Mailing lists are placed on magnetic tape. The company begins accepting telephone orders and honors most credit cards. More than one million Midget Bibles are sold in 1979, purchased by carnivals and handed out as an incentive for making a charitable donation. Ralph Hoenle is named President upon Paul’s retirement.