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Please forward kaluza klein theory pdf error screen to sharedip-1601531662. This article is about gravitation and electromagnetism.

The five-dimensional theory was developed in three steps. The five-dimensional metric has 15 components. Kaluza also introduced the hypothesis known as the “cylinder condition”, that no component of the five-dimensional metric depends on the fifth dimension. Without this assumption, the field equations of five-dimensional relativity are enormously more complex. Standard four-dimensional physics seems to manifest the cylinder condition. Klein introduced the hypothesis that the fifth dimension was curled up and microscopic, to explain the cylinder condition.

Klein also calculated a scale for the fifth dimension based on the quantum of charge. Brans and Dicke were apparently unaware of Thiry or Scherrer. The full Kaluza equations under the cylinder condition are quite complex, and most English-language reviews as well as the English translations of Thiry contain some errors. Kaluza established all the elements of the classical five-dimensional theory: the metric, the field equations, the equations of motion, the stress-energy tensor, and the cylinder condition. Latin indices span five dimensions. Then decompose the 5D metric so that the 4D metric is framed by the electromagnetic vector potential, with the scalar field at the fifth diagonal.