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Vous pouvez modifier cette page ! Rechercher les pages comportant ce texte. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 5 décembre 2017 à 20:37. Licence Creative Commons Attribution – partage dans les mêmes conditions 3. Standard Work template for Process Observation, Process Analysis, Standardized Work Instructions, and Workload Balancing.

Lean Standard Work videos and training and many Excel templates for process improvement and lean management. Why use this Standard Work template? Why use your Standard Work template? What’s so wrong with backsliding into old habits? How will you know whether your experiments make any difference? All of the training on this page is summarized in these videos. Why use this standard work template?

How long does this take? Do we trust our numbers? When we observe a new hire, is this the way she really does it? Think setups, inspections, change overs, etc. How do we handle multiple operators doing the same thing? Or one operator running multiple machines? How to prevent backsliding into old habits?

How do we show different levels of detail? How can users easily drill down to greater levels of detail? How do we handle sequence numbers? How to spread work between operators?