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MCA has to spell out the accounting standards applicable for companies in India. As on date MCA has notified 41 Ind AS. This shall be applied to the companies of financial year 2015-16 voluntarily and from 2016-17 on a mandatory basis. Based on the international consensus, the regulators will separately notify the date of implementation of Ind-AS for the banks, insurance companies etc. Standards for the computation of Tax has been notified as ICDS in February 2015. Companies shall follow Ind AS either Voluntarily or Mandatorily.

Once a company follows Indian AS, either mandatorily or voluntarily, it can’t revert to old method of Accounting. Ind-AS 107 deals with disclosures related to financial instruments and related risks and the policies for managing such risks. This page was last edited on 5 December 2017, at 14:09. Further documentation is available here. The Division is responsible for preserving and promoting Florida’s historical, archaeological and folk culture resources. How can we serve you?

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