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This book takes place living dead girl elizabeth scott pdf years after “Alice’s” abduction. She is now 15, and is still living with Ray, her abductor. They pose as father and daughter, though they have no connections to anyone in the outside world.

Ray also makes her sit in a chair as punishment when she is “bad”. Alice refers to herself as the “Living Dead Girl”: She is numb on the inside and is looking forward to the day when Ray will finally kill her, like he did the girl that he had abducted before her, the “First Alice”. Ray had kept the First Alice until she was fifteen and her body had begun to mature. He then killed her and dumped her body, which was later found, but he had never been suspected. Alice is not allowed to take showers by herself.

Alice now hopes for death, rather than for escape. Since the day he had taken her, he had threatened that if she ever ran from him or tried to contact police, he would kill her parents. I could run, but he would find me. He would take me back to 623 Daisy Lane and make everyone who lives there pay. He would make everyone there pay even if he didn’t find me. All I have to do is be good. One day, Ray tells Alice he wants her to find him a “New Alice” for him.

At first, Alice hopes that if she does, he will free her, or at least finally put her out of her misery. Instead, Ray tells her that she will train the new Alice to his liking. Alice takes trips down to the park where Ray had taken her once before and watches the young girls who play there. She writes down in a little notebook the different girls, what they do, and what they look like. She returns to Ray and he asks her to tell him all about these little girls.

On one of her trips there, she meets Lucy, a young girl who likes to swing. After Lucy tells Alice that she doesn’t like her, Alice decides that Lucy will be the one to replace her. Alice then meets Lucy’s older brother, Jake, a troubled teenager who abuses prescription drugs. Alice returns to his car and has sex with him to try to get some information from him about Lucy. She finds out a little information about the girl’s hobbies and schedule. Before she leaves, she also meets a police officer who has a feeling that Alice is in trouble.