Maple grove transit schedule pdf

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Local bus routes make frequent stops, typically every 2 to 3 blocks, linking neighborhoods with urban centers and providing connections within and between communities. Although maple grove transit schedule pdf trips on some local buses operated in a limited- or skip-stop fashion, local bus routes primarily serve city streets and may also operate into malls, hospitals or shopping centers. Enter the terms you wish to search for. Access schedules and maps for this route.

CTfastrak Route 101 operates between downtown Hartford and downtown New Britain, making stops at all CTfastrak stations. Buses operate as frequently as every 7 minutes during rush hour and travel time is under 30 minutes. CTfastrak Route 102 operates between downtown Hartford and downtown New Britain, making limited stops along Farmington Avenue in Hartford and at all CTfastrak stations. From New Britain, Route 102 continues on semi-express to Plainville Center and downtown Bristol via CT-72. Hartford via Spencer Street, Silver Lane, Main Street and Connecticut Boulevard, making limited stops. CTfastrak stations Sigourney Street through Elmwood, and making limited stops along New Britain Avenue in West Hartford.

From Westfarms, Route 128 continues to Downtown New Britain Station via Stanley Street, making all local stops. Stanley Street, through Brittany Farms to the mall. CTfastrak Route 153 operates between Flatbush Avenue Station and Copaco Shopping Center, with stops along Flatbush Avenue, Quaker Lane South, Park Road, South Main Street, North Main Street and Cottage Grove Road. Asylum Street, Woodland Street, Ashley Street, Sigourney Street, Capitol Avenue, Washington Street, Jefferson Street and Retreat Avenue. Operates approximately hourly between downtown Hartford and all the terminals at the airport, 7 days a week.