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The Campus section is for projects using LEED campus certification. The guidance under Group Approach must be followed by group certification projects. Group certification projects receive a single certification for all project spaces included in the group, but are still required to demonstrate credit compliance at the project space level for some credits. If the guidance under Group Approach states “All project spaces in the group may be documented as one. However, if the guidance under Group Approach states “Submit separate documentation for each project space. Note that an additional registration and review under a master site is required, which results in a pre-approval of the credit for all projects registered under the master site. Only certain credits are available and appropriate to be pursued at the campus level.

Helpful advice for projects outside the U. Step-by-Step Guidance section of each credit. English system and commonly used in the U. General Conference on Weights and Measures.

Team members analyze their information. Program or the Campus Program. LEED project may consist of incomplete space. Pay careful attention to the type of parkland.

This includes residents of a dormitory. Whenever possible, use actual or predicted occupancies. Default occupant density from ASHRAE 62. These requirements are foundational to all LEED projects and define the types of buildings, spaces, and neighborhoods that the LEED rating system is designed to evaluate. Projects are required to use the rating system that is most appropriate. However, when the decision is not clear, it is the responsibility of the project team to make a reasonable decision in selecting a rating system before registering their project. This guidance helps project teams select a LEED rating system.

Smart Growth and Climate Change, epa. Indoor Water Use Reduction prerequisite and credit. In its solid waste management hierarchy, the U. 1960s with carbon accounting models. Divisions 3-10, 31, and 32. If optional products or materials are included in cost-based credit calculations, such as Option 2 under each Building Product Disclosure and Optimization credits, they must be included consistently across all cost-based credit calculations.