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600,000, with around 100,000 being from outside Australia, making it the world’s largest mathematics competition. In 1976 and 1977 the outstanding entrants were awarded the Burroughs medal. In 2004, the mathematics multiple choice questions with answers pdf was expanded to allow two more divisions, one for year five and six students, and another for year three and four students.

In 2005, students from 38 different countries entered the competition. The competition paper consists of twenty-five multiple-choice questions and five integer questions, which are ordered in increasing difficulty. Students record their personal details and mark their answers by pencil on a carbon-mark answer sheet, which is marked by computer. Primary-level entrants may use calculators and any aids normally found in a classroom. The original points scheme, which was in operation from inception until 2001, consisted of three groups of ten questions. The first ten questions were worth three marks each, the next ten four marks each, and the last ten five marks each. Students started with 30 marks, so that a student who answered all questions incorrectly would record a total score of zero, while one who answered all questions correctly would record a score of 150.

In 2005, the format was changed once more. This time the first ten questions are still worth three marks each and the next ten are still worth four marks each, however the last ten are now once again worth 5 marks each. To make it harder to guess the most difficult questions, the last 5 questions required integer answers between 0 and 999 inclusive. The total score possible was thus reduced to 120.