Mini psychiatric interview pdf

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This article mainly covers the initial assessment history taking of a patient presenting for the mini psychiatric interview pdf time with a new complaint. The clinician taking the history guides the process in an attempt to achieve a succinct summary of these relevant details. Much of the history is obtained by asking questions.

Some of these questions are quite specific, such as, “How old are you? How have you been feeling lately? Although the structure of the interview may appear disjointed, the end result is usually under a set of headings which have a worldwide similarity. The basic details of who the patient is are collected.

This includes their age, sex, educational status, religion, occupation, relationship status, address and contact details. Firstly, it is necessary information for administrative purposes and for this reason some of this is often taken by clerks. Secondly, the questions are largely non threatening and provide a gentle introduction into the meeting of patient and clinician. Thirdly, it provides a format for individual introduction suitable to the culture. Thus the clinician may start by introducing themselves and then move on to these questions. This initial structure can provide a sense of familiarity for the patient who is stressed about what is happening. The next step is to determine why the patient is there.