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This article is about the term. A soccer mom typically carries mom & me & mom pdf variety of soccer gear to and from, and in many cases handles certain aspects of the game. For example, soccer moms may take turns bringing oranges to the game, drinks, etc.

She is also portrayed as putting the interests of her family, and most importantly her children, ahead of her own. It was also used in names of organizations of mothers who raised money to support their children’s soccer teams. US national media has been traced to 1982. 3,150 raised for the benefit of a local soccer league. Denver city council, Susan B. Casey ran with the slogan “A Soccer Mom for City Council.

The phrase addressed anxiety about women’s achievements, and the stereotype that smart, accomplished women were not able to manage professional careers and still show love for their family. Castellanos called the “soccer mom. The soccer mom was described in the article as “the overburdened middle income working mother who ferries her kids from soccer practice to scouts to school. She’s the key swing consumer in the marketplace, and the key swing voter who will decide the election. Media interest in soccer moms picked up as the election approached. The number of articles on soccer moms in major newspapers increased from a combined total of 12 for the months of August and September, to a total of 198 for October and November.