Moneygram claim form pdf

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Moneygram claim form pdf in and view your transaction history. Find the transaction history for your account and view the order you submitted. You should find the status of the send-order there.

This is one online option, another is “Track a Transfer. Click on “Track a Transfer. This is also for online sender situations. 11-digit reference number is usually the series of large red digits on the left side of the sheet you’re filling out to the recipient. The number will usually be on the edge of the detachable stub receipt. Also enter your last name, then click “Track Transfer. Track a Transfer” and active account history are your front lines for online queries to track orders.

If these don’t work, a phone call may be your next best choice. This is to check if a money order was cashed. You will need to enter your money order reference number and dollar amount sent. You may want to allow for some time to pass to give the recipient a chance to cash the money order. Consider allowing 2-3 weeks to pass especially if it is a company you are sending to.