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The organization is currently unregistered federally in Russia. While they consider these “compatriots” to be entitled to live in Russia, the RNU nonetheless condemns any inter-ethnic and inter-racial marriages, claiming that “they create psychological troubles of self-identification for children from such marriages”. The organisation also worked with businesses, state officials, military and secret services. Supporting businessmen were awarded certificates of merit and other honours.

The organization presently avoids direct violations of the law. Some sympathetic state and industrial officials lent RNU places for meetings, provided facilities to print literature, make uniforms, and copy CDs and video cassettes and other materials. Several martial arts classes with RNU instructors associated with state schools were opened. Barkashov leading, in his words, “the most disciplined and active members, dissatisfied with empty talk and theatrical stunts, out of Pamyat. It grew from 1990 to 1991. Nazis, although the organization officially denied any support for Nazi ideology. They met with various groups to pursue common goals, but saw little progress.

By the middle of 1993, Russian National Unity had become the most prominent Russian nationalist movement, with a wide network of regional divisions. In addition to engaging in political action, the RNU conducted military drills and tactical training. Following Yeltsin’s victory, RNU worked illegally for several months. The same year, the organization was registered as “a club for military and patriotic upbringing” and later was recognized by local officials as “a volunteer people’s self-protection unit”. On 15 October 1995, 304 delegates from 37 regional divisions attended a RNU conference in Moscow.

RNU regional conference from being held in Moscow. However, the RNU continued to organize. In 1999, the Moscow headquarters of the group were closed. At the peak of its popularity in 1999, RNU was estimated to have 100,000 active members all over Russia by state officials. They are now only a shadow of what they once were, and have been inactive and somewhat dormant for many years now. Aleksandr Barkashov and Russian National Unity: Blackshirt friends of the nation”.

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