New york transit map pdf

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All transfers are valid for 2 hours . The transfers must be made within two new york transit map pdf in order or in reverse order.

George Ferry Terminal, and then any NYCT local bus or NYC Subway service below Fulton Street in Lower Manhattan. Transfers with nickels, dimes, or quarters are usually good for use on one connecting local bus route. Customers transferring to suburban buses from another system with a lower base fare must pay the difference between the fare on the first bus and the fare on the second bus. No free transfer between PATH and NYCTA operations. Staten Island Railway fares are collected at St. No free transfer between NYC Ferry and any other operations. X24 and MTA express buses.

With coins, transfers are available to different local buses only, with some restrictions. All transfers are good for two hours. Transfers are available upon request when boarding only. S79, customers paying with coins requiring a transfer must board via the front door and request a transfer from the operator. All other customers may board via any of the three doors on Select Bus Service buses. As NYC Ferry uses a separate fare payment system from the rest of New York City’s transportation system, it does not provide any free transfers to any other modes of transportation.