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This article is about the novel. Prado is a serious thinker whose active mind becomes evident in a series of his notes collected and read night train to lisbon pdf Gregorius.

2004 and was first published in English in 2008. The novel became an international bestseller. One morning on his way to work, he saves a mysterious Portuguese woman from what he assumes is a suicide attempt. Although the woman disappears shortly afterwards, their chance-encounter marks the beginning of Raimund’s journey. Amadeu de Prado who ponders the philosophical issue of going back in time and making various different choices, resulting in a completely different life. Raimund is immediately intrigued by the author’s somber musings. The book is in Portuguese, a language Raimund doesn’t speak, so he begins translating with the help of a dictionary.

Sensing a kindred spirit in Amadeu, he is suddenly gripped by the fear of not living his life to its full potential. The next morning, he abandons his teaching position, turns his back on Bern and sets out for Lisbon. There, he begins investigating the fate of the Prado family. He has an expressed interest in literature and begins questioning his world, his experiences and the words contained in conversation and written thought.