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All candidates preparing for any competitive examinations can utilize this section to improve their skills. It is the most common and popular test administered to groups ranging from 5-year-olds to the elderly. In each test item, the subject is asked to identify the missing element that completes a pattern. An IQ test item in the style of a Raven’s Progressive Matrices test.

All of the questions on the Raven’s progressives consist of visual geometric design with a missing piece. The test taker is given six to eight choices to pick from and fill in the missing piece. Raven’s Progressive Matrices and Vocabulary tests were originally developed for use in research into the genetic and environmental origins of cognitive ability. Raven thought that the tests commonly in use at that time were cumbersome to administer and the results difficult to interpret.

These were the original form of the matrices, first published in 1938. All items are presented in black ink on a white background. Designed for children aged 5 through 11 years-of-age, the elderly, and mentally and physically impaired individuals. This test contains sets A and B from the standard matrices, with a further set of 12 items inserted between the two, as set Ab. Most items are presented on a coloured background to make the test visually stimulating for participants.

C, D, and E of the standard matrices is eased. Items are again presented in black ink on a white background, and become increasingly difficult as progress is made through each set. These items are appropriate for adults and adolescents of above-average intelligence. In addition, “parallel” forms of the standard and coloured progressive matrices were published in 1998.