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Scaremare opens at approximately 7:30 p. Must have a valid one thousand and one nights pdf or military I.

Tickets must be purchased at the gate. No individual tickets will be pre-sold. As long as you are in line you will still be admitted. Groups must be pre-registered at least 24 hours in advance.

Tickets may also be pre-purchased at this time. 1 per ticket service fee upon online checkout. All pre-purchased Group tickets will be held at the Scaremare ticket booth on-site. Tickets will not be available for early pick-up. 12 Line Slasher tickets for each person in their group. Line Slasher tickets guarantee entry into Scaremare within 30 minutes of their scheduled appointment.

Tickets must be purchased at least 24 hours in advance. All Line Slasher tickets should be picked up on-site at Scaremare through the “Line Slasher Check-in”. Liberty Students can check out the Liberty Transit bus route if they need a ride. Scaremare presents fun-house rooms and scenes of death in order to confront people with the question “What happens after I die? Groups of people experience a 40-minute journey, passing through creepy trails, dark woods and eventually entering the House.

At the end of the experience, visitors are presented with an answer to this question and given the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Approximately 26,000 people have made decisions for Christ over the past two decades. Ironically, this House of Death points to the Way of Life! Scaremare has been held at four different locations, including a mansion in Amherst County and an old hospital in downtown Lynchburg. Scaremare project continues in the planning process year— round, but swings into high gear from August through November.

Thousands of volunteer hours go into preparations of this project. It takes a cast of 300 Liberty University students to operate the House each night. Scaremare is sponsored by the Center for Youth Ministries at Liberty University. Since 1972, more than 300,000 people from several states have made the trip through the House of Death that you are about to take. The House attracts over a thousand people every Thursday night. Fridays and Saturdays can typically average between 2,000 and 4,000.

The all-time record for attendance on one night was 4,500 in 2007. Scaremare is carefully planned with safety in mind. Strict building, fire and insurance codes are maintained in the House and on its properties. Liberty University Police Department, fire, EMS and security personnel are on the premises at all times. In the event of an emergency, Liberty University Police Department, fire, EMS and security personnel will respond quickly and professionally. Growing up in Holland, things surrounding my faith were always very different. I lived in Holland for 17 years and then moved to America to attend a year in high school.