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One Two Buckle My Shoe First Edition Cover 1940. This is Japp’s final novel appearance. Poirot suspects, however, one two buckle my shoe agatha christie pdf download there is more to the case than at first appears, and soon events confirm his worst suspicions.

Hercule Poirot leaves the office of his dentist, Morley, after an appointment, and notices the arrival of Mabelle Sainsbury Seale. He returns to her the shiny buckle that has fallen from her shoe. Later, he hears from Inspector Japp that Morley has died of a gunshot. The presence of Blunt, a man thought essential to Britain’s economic survival, ensures Japp’s involvement in the case. Poirot does not believe this. The movements of people at the dental surgery are inconclusive.

Morley’s partner, Reilly, seems to have no motive. Morley’s secretary had been called away by a fake telegram. Her sleazy boyfriend, Frank Carter, had a weak motive, given that Morley had attempted to dissuade her from seeing him. Also present at the surgery was Howard Raikes, a hard-nosed American left-wing activist, violently opposed to Blunt but enamoured of Blunt’s niece, Jane Olivera. They’re out after Blunt all right.

When Mabelle Sainsbury Seale goes missing, Poirot’s fears are realised. A search for her is conducted, and some time later her body is apparently found in a sealed chest in the apartment of Mrs. Albert Chapman, who has herself disappeared. The face of the corpse has been smashed in, and Poirot notices the dead woman’s dull buckled shoes. He is sceptical of the theory that Mrs Chapman has killed Sainsbury Seale and fled.

Sure enough, once the dental records are produced, it is discovered that the corpse is that of Mrs Chapman. Poirot is now drawn into the life of the Blunt family. Raikes happens to be a bystander. Poirot is invited down to Blunt’s house, where he is persuaded to undertake a search for Sainsbury Seale. While he is there, a second attempt is made on Blunt’s life, but it is seemingly thwarted by Raikes. The pistol used in the attack is found in the hand of none other than Frank Carter, who has taken a job as gardener at the house under a false identity.