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The word “new” was dropped from the title with the Second Edition oxford dictionary online pdf 2003. It is a completely new dictionary which strives to represent as faithfully as possible the current usage of English words.

The Revised Second Edition contains 355,000 words, phrases, and definitions, including biographical references and thousands of encyclopaedic entries. It is currently the largest single-volume English-language dictionary published by Oxford University Press. The dictionary “views the language from the perspective that English is a world language”. A more unusual decision was to omit pronunciations of common, everyday words, contrary to the practice of most large dictionaries.

CD-ROM includes links to Versaware. The online version is updated every three months. The online version added more than 80,000 words from the OED in August 2015. Includes nearly 100,000 headwords, with 11,000 proper names, over 350,000 words and phrases and definitions, 11,000 encyclopaedic entries, 68,000 explanations. Includes 12-month access to Oxford Dictionaries Online. Premium version includes audio pronunciation, offline mode, priority support, no ads. Support split screen for Android 7.