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Lena Haloway, who falls in pandemonium lauren oliver pdf in a society where love is seen as a disease. The story is set in Portland, Maine, in the year 2091. Civilization is concentrated in those cities which escaped the severe bombings of decades past.

Travel between cities is highly restricted. Electric fences separate the city from the Wilds—unregulated territory which was presumably mostly destroyed by bombs. A surgical cure for the deliria has been developed and is mandatory for citizens 18 years old and over. Lena has looked forward to the procedure for years, convinced as she is by the government that love is a horrible disease that must be destroyed from mankind’s system. He was born in the Wilds outside the city, and has pretended to be cured in order to live undetected in the city and be in the resistance. He offers Lena the means of escape from the procedure that will destroy her ability to love.

While trying to gain Lena’s love, he finds out about her past life and family. When she mentions her “dead” mother and how she always kept a specific necklace with her, he knew who she was. Alex then came and wanted to show Lena that her mother was still alive. When they go and get to the room where her Mother is, they find it empty, with a life size hole in the wall where the letter ‘O’ was in the word LOVE.

Ever since then, Lena has thought that her whole childhood was a lie and wanted to leave. The two of them would leave the city and live in the Wilds, joining the rebels who oppose the procedure and the government. Although Lena struggles with the thought of leaving her life behind, she ultimately decides to go just seven days before her procedure. At the gym she was watching a news report about a pandemic, and the two ideas combined in her head to form the central concept of the Delirium books. February 28 and December 26, 2012 respectively. Lena Haloway, the main role.

Julian Fineman, one of Lena’s love interests, but was changed to be the love interest of her best friend Hana Tate for the show. Alex Sheathes, the male lead and Lena’s love interest. Fox later declined to pick up the pilot. Delirium was a New York Times bestseller. NPR wrote, “Oliver writes beautifully, with well-measured mastery. The references to The Book of Shhh and The Safety, Health and Happiness Handbook, 12th edition, are exquisitely artful touches. ANNOUNCING THE DELIRIUM TV SERIES!

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Marke der Wikimedia Foundation Inc. Este aviso fue puesto el 27 de abril de 2013. Lauren Oliver sobre una joven, Magdalena “Lena” Haloway, que se enamora en una sociedad distópica donde el amor es visto como una enfermedad. Es la primera entrega de la trilogía del mismo título. Fue publicada en Estados Unidos el 1 de febrero de 2011, y en España el 4 de marzo de ese mismo año.

Una vida sin amor es una vida sin sufrimiento: segura, medida, predecible y feliz. Por eso cuando los estadounidenses del siglo XXII cumplen los 18 años, se someten a una intervención que consiste en la extracción de la parte del cerebro que controla las emociones. Lena espera ese momento con impaciencia, hasta que un día pasa lo que más teme y se enamora. 28 de febrero de 2012 en Estados Unidos y el 21 de febrero de 2012 en España.