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Relative to estradiol, both estriol and estrone pathways to pregnancy and parturition pdf far weaker activity as estrogens. ERα and ERβ was 11.

ERα and ERβ was 10. Relative to estradiol, the esstrogenic potency of estriol and estrone have been reported to be 80- and 12-fold lower than that of estradiol, respectively. In addition, topical creams containing estriol are not regulated in the U. DHEA with an additional OH-group. In women who are not pregnant estriol is produced in only very small quantities, and circulating levels are in fact barely detectable.

16α-OH-DHEA-S is then taken up by the placenta. As such, target tissues are likely to be exposed to similar amounts of free estriol, estradiol, and estrone during pregnancy. DHEA-S that is taken up by the placenta is mainly produced by the fetal adrenal glands. C3, C16α, and C17β positions. 16β-epiestriol that was never marketed. These esters and ethers are prodrugs of estriol.

Ethinylestriol has not been marketed, but nilestriol, which is the 3-cyclopentyl ether of ethinylestriol and a prodrug of it, has been. Estriol was discovered in 1930. Estriol can be measured in maternal blood or urine and can be used as a marker of fetal health and well-being. Estriol is a potential treatment for non-pregnant women with relapse-remitting multiple sclerosis, although this research has only progressed through Phase II trials. Pharmacology of estrogens and progestogens: influence of different routes of administration”. Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers. Evaluation of ligand selectivity using reporter cell lines stably expressing estrogen receptor alpha or beta”.

Estriol acts as a GPR30 antagonist in estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer cells”. Inhibition of GPR30 by estriol prevents growth stimulation of triple-negative breast cancer cells by 17β-estradiol”. Diagram of the pathways of human steroidogenesis”. Estriol metabolism in the baboon: Analysis of urinary and biliary metabolites”. This page was last edited on 29 November 2017, at 02:31.