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We have found a new paul pilzer unlimited wealth pdf! Is Worldventures and Dreamtrip a scam?

Is it a pyramid scheme? Why Worldventures is a get rich quick scheme. Why Wait to See the World? It’s a pretty neat concept: freelancers, programmers, start-up entrepreuners all getting together a couple of evenings a month to meet and work together on different projects. It was our first time, and we felt kind of like the new kids in school, so when a friendly looking guy started chatting with us about our businesses, we were psyched. As we talked about living and working around the world he got more and more excited. We’re on exactly the same page, he told us.

He just had to tell us about his business! He settled down beside us and flipped open his Samsung tablet. Thinking we were going to hear about his start-up or website or whatever, we leaned in. He started in on a slideshow featuring generic travel photos under headings like BEACHES, NIGHTLIFE, ADVENTURE. Well whatever he’s doing, it sounds pretty cliché, I thought to myself. It wasn’t until he showed us the pay structure, which looked exactly like a pyramid, that I realized what was going on.