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This article has multiple issues. 5 persepolis pdf book 1 its list of the ten best non-fiction books of the decade.

Originally published in French, it has been translated into several languages including English. 2003 and the other in 2004. Iran where she attends college, marries, and later divorces before moving to France. France, and another for its criticism of authoritarianism in Vitoria, Spain. 2007, it was named the Official French Selection for the Best Foreign Language Film. The graphic novel has been translated from French to English, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Swedish, Georgian, and other languages, and has sold 1,500,000 copies overall. Marji observes the oppression by the Shah while learning about revolutions and socialism.

Marji discovers her family background in contrast to the propaganda she learns at school. Reza Shah, a low-ranking and illiterate, but ambitious young officer who was influenced and supported by the British to organize a coup d’état to overthrow the Qajar emperor, who also happens to be her great-grandfather. Under the empire of the Shah, her grandfather’s family had everything confiscated and her Western-educated grandfather was appointed as prime minister, but became a communist and was imprisoned, where he was forced to sit in a cell filled with water for hours. Marji’s grandmother visits, and Marji learns more about the hardship her family endured, specifically under Reza Shah’s son, Mohammad Reza who was even worse. Marji realises how much she doesn’t understand about the Revolution during the conversation and vows to read everything she can. By the age of sixteen, she was madly in love with the neighbour’s boy but once he discovered that she was the maid, his interest ceased, which of course broke Mehri’s heart. Marji did not understand why, as her father explained, “their love was impossible” since one must stay in one’s own social class.