Prepaid water meter system pdf

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Some electronic meter registers can display rate-of-flow in addition to total usage. There are several types of water meters in common use. The choice depends on the flow measurement method, the type of end user, the required flow rates, and accuracy requirements. Common displacement designs include oscillating piston and nutating disc meters. Velocity-based designs include single- and multi-jet meters and turbine meters.

There are also non-mechanical designs, for example electromagnetic and ultrasonic meters, and meters designed for special uses. Specialty hot water meters are designed with materials that can withstand higher temperatures. Additionally, there are electromechanical meters, like prepaid water meters and automatic meter reading meters. Mechanical water meters normally use a reed switch, hall or photoelectric coding register as the signal output. LCD or output to an information management system. This type of water meter is most often used in residential and small commercial applications and homes.