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Active SETI messages are usually sent in the form of radio signals. METI science pros and cons of artificial intelligence pdf with the creation of messages to aliens. Thus, SETI and METI proponents have quite different perspectives.

In other words, would it be reasonable, for SETI success, to transmit with the object of attracting ETI’s attention? That same week, a statement was released, signed by many in the SETI community, that a “worldwide scientific, political and humanitarian discussion must occur before any message is sent”. Cosmos is treated as one of the pressing needs of an advanced civilization. This view is not universally accepted, and it does not agree to those who are against the transmission of interstellar radio messages, but at the same time are not against SETI searching. Extraterrestrials will first deal with a physical phenomenon and, only after that, perceive the information. Therefore, above all, the Constructor of an IRM should be concerned about the ease of signal determination. In other words, the signal should have maximum openness, which is understood here as an antonym of the term security.

To this end, in 2010, Michael W. Busch developed the coding scheme and provided Rachel M. Reddick with a test message, in a blind test of decryption. Reddick decoded the entire message after approximately twelve hours of work. Also characteristics of the radio signal such as wavelength, type of polarization, and modulation have to be considered. Over galactic distances, the interstellar medium induces some scintillation effects and artificial modulation of electromagnetic signals. This modulation is higher at lower frequencies and is a function of the sky direction.

METI signal very difficult to decode. In METI research, it is implied that any message must have some redundancy, although the exact amount of redundancy and message formats are still in great dispute. Using ideograms, instead of binary sequence, already offers some improvement against noise resistance. In faxlike transmissions, ideograms will be spread on many lines. This increases its resistance against short bursts of noise like radio frequency interference or interstellar scintillation. One format approach proposed for interstellar messages was to use the product of two prime numbers to construct an image. Unfortunately, this method works only if all the bits are present.

1974 did not have any feature to support mechanisms to cope with the inevitable noise degradation of the interstellar medium. Additionally, the message had a very small modulation index overall, a condition not viewed as being optimal for interstellar communication. 54 times as many 1’s as 0’s. These projects have targeted stars between 17 and 69 light-years from the Earth.