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The inability to reconcile imported transactions against the current account information is one of the primary shortcomings of QIF. QIF files to import information. The Australian version of Quicken still allows the importing of QIF files for these account types, however, unlike the American version, it is not possible to export data to QIF or any other file type, for any qif file to pdf online type. The QIF format does not allow a user to mark the currency in which a transaction was completed.

In some cases this may cause problems for users who do use multiple currencies when they export or import into another software package. It is commonly supported by financial institutions to supply downloadable information to account holders, especially by banks that support integration of Money or Quicken with their online banking. Not everybody, however, was, or is, happy with this replacement. Other banks pass the fees on by charging customers for downloading QFX files. Because Microsoft Money imports either QIF or OFX format files, and Microsoft does not charge banks any licensing fees to use OFX for Money, banks do not normally charge for downloading QIF and OFX files. QIF and OFX are open formats, free for anyone to use.

The first line in the file must be a header line, to identify the type of data contained. The Detail section consists of several Detail Items, each on a separate line. Each line begins with a single character identifying code in the first column, followed by the literal data for that field. The detail item is terminated by a separator line. If a single transaction block contains several detail items with same code, the last row is used for import. Leading zeroes on month and day can be skipped.

For payments, a leading minus sign is required. For deposits, either no sign or a leading plus sign is accepted. Comma separators between thousands are allowed. Both T and U are present in QIF files exported from Quicken 2015. Memo—any text you want to record about the item.