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This article is about a rice dish. Delhi on 4 November 2017 where it will be distributed to ambassadors and delegates from more than 60 countries. Khichdi is also a favourite comfort food, owing to the recipe book in urdu pdf of being able to cook the dish in a single simmering pot. The rice is commonly cooked and served on rainy days.

It is a staple for holy ceremonies and as an offering to God. Cooks and homemakers often prepare this dish with many ingredients mixed with it. It is the first solid that babies are introduced to. The elderly and sick, especially those having stomach problems, are served with the rice as it is easily digestible compared to other dishes which involve more meat and spices. Khichdi is also very popular in Bihar.

A popular variation in khichdi in the winter months is the addition of cauliflower and green peas. Khichdi is a very popular dish of Gujarat. Kichadi is a popular traditional staple in Haryana, specially in the rural areas. Karnataka, a state in Southern India.