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This gave Isis complete power over Ra and allowed her to put her son Horus on the throne. God’s true name so potent that its invocation conferred upon the speaker tremendous power over His creations. Jacob even after the angel’s submission at dawn. Thereafter Jacob obtains a new name which signifies his successful struggle to God and man, and names the place to commemorate his surviving an encounter with the Divine. Contemporary pre-industrial peoples guard secret names which are only used in solemn rituals.

These names are never mentioned and kept from general knowledge. Odysseus facing the relentless hostility of Poseidon – which he could have avoided had he persisted in keeping his real name secret. Rumpelstiltskin and all its variants, the girl can free herself from the power of a supernatural helper who demands her child by learning its name. The plot turns on whether or not Princess Turandot could learn the name of her unwanted suitor. This usage is often critical, with the implication that use of true names is difficult to enforce and unwise to rely on.