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0 was released on 7th May 2012 after completing a successful ramp-up. I wanted sap hcm overview pdf put a summary out there of the new features for SAP HCM Talent Management. EhP6 builds on both the TMC and PMP solutions with new functionality to enhance the processes and user experience.

EhP6 has a large focus on the ESS and MSS UI and the new Learner Portal is one of the big additions to the Enterprise Learning suite. EhP6 contains a number of minor new features for most areas, although the focus for this EhP release is on the Talent Management Core. Now let’s run through these features in a bit more details. Unsurprisingly the Talent Management Core sees the bulk of the new features for Talent Management in EhP6.

Several new features are introduced in business function HCM_TMC_CI_3, mainly around the Talent Review Meeting and Talent Profile functionality. Usability and analytics are other focus areas. In regards to the Talent Review Meeting, a number of functions have been introduced. The Talent Monitor in the Talent Review Meeting is enhanced to allow a TMS to track the number of employees against the number of nominations per manager, group the employees by certain categories and check the performance and potential assessments of each employee.

Performance management documents are now integrated into the Calibration Grid process in the Talent Review Meeting process. Employees can be calibrated mid-process in the Talent Review Meeting. Ratings can then be updated or confirmed in the appraisal document later in the Performance Management process. The Calibration Grid allows the TMS to group employees by coloring each square of the Grid, thus providing greater visibility of employees in each segment.

Also, employees within certain squares of the Grid can be automatically assigned to certain Talent Groups. One of the stronger features introduced for the Talent Review Meeting is the Follow-Up tab. This contains a list of the results of the activities performed in the Talent Review Meeting, including Talent Group nominations and Performance and Potential assessments. The TMS can also Group and filter the result list and display an error log for failed updates per employee. For the Talent Profile, enhancements are introduced both for the Talent Profile for Employees and the Talent Profile for Managers and Talent Management Specialists. Qualifications and Learning activities of an employee are now displayed in both the Talent Profiles for Employees and the Talent Profile for Managers and Talent Management Specialists.