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PDFfiller – Fill General Affidavit Form, download blank or editable online. Affidavit Form Printable is not the form you’re looking for? Search for another form here. Who Saps affidavit form pdf a General Affidavit Form?

This form can be used by both the affiant and notary public. First one can use it as a form itself. The second may keep it as a template. What is General Affidavit Used For?

Whenever a witness can’t reach the court or can’t appear there because of other reasons, he can write and sign a General Affidavit. This form is a written statement of fact. It should be signed by a notary or commissioner of oaths to have power in court. The signature assures that the statement was made under the oath and is sworn to be true. Is General Affidavit Accompanied by Other Forms? While being signed by notary public, the statement in the affidavit doesn’t have to be confirmed in any other way.

That means this form doesn’t require any attachments or accompanying papers. What Information Should be Provided in General Affidavit? When is General Affidavit due? While being an evidence, this should be received by court before the court hearing. Where do I Send General Affidavit? The general affidavit is sent to the court.