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The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band. Danny Harris, Shaun Harris, and John Ware. The group created music that possessed an eerie, and at times sinister, atmosphere, and contained material that was bluntly political, childlike, and bizarre. Laughing Wind in exchange for his connections in the music industry and substantial bankroll. Although Markley possessed the least musical talent, his expertise in law enabled him to assume control of the group’s name and publishing, which generated a divide in the WCPAEB’s creative mindset. Danny Harris, members of the group the Laughing Wind. Lloyd first became acquainted with Fowley.

Lloyd befriended the Harris brothers, who recorded the regional hit “Ski Storm” with rival act the Snowmen. In early 1965, Shaun Harris collaborated with Lloyd in his newly formed band the Rogues, releasing the Harris-Lloyd composition “Wanted: Dead or Alive”, on Fowley’s Living Legend label. Laughing Wind, in exchange for his inclusion into the group. Impressed and slightly seduced by the much older Markley’s wealth and entourage, the band accepted his offer. Don’t Break My Balloon” and “If You Want This Love” indicate he had some influence over the later sessions for the album’s development. Other Place and Wild Thing.