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Let Brahma be in parts of creation, Let Vishnu be in my feet, Let Hara be in my hands, Let Indra be in my shoulders, Let Fire god be in stomach, Let Lord Shiva be in my heart, Let Vasus be in my neck, Let Goddess Sarawathi be in my mouth, Let wind god be in my nose, Let Sun and Moon be in my eyes, Let Aswini devas be in my ears, Let Rudras be in my forehead, Let Adhityas be in front portion of my head, Let Mahadeva be in the center of my head, Let Vamadeva be in my tuft, Let Pinaki be at the back of my head, Let Shiva stuti in tamil pdf be in the front of my head, Let Paravathi and Parameshwara be in my left and right, and let me be surrounded by air on all sides. Gods be in respective organs and protect me. Vaidika Vignanam: Thanks for all the comments.

Gali: Revered sir, this is marvellous work, no doubt. Shiva Chalisa in Hindi, English, Sanskrit , Gujrati, Tamil and Marathi, you can also free download pdf version or print it. God Shiva and get his blessing. To get the best result you should do recitation of Shiva Chalisa early morning after taking bath and in front of God Shiva Idol or picture. You should first understand the Shiva Chalisa meaning in hindi to maximize its effect. Regular recitation of Shiva Chalisa gives peace of mind and keeps away all the evil from your life and makes you healthy, wealthy and prosperous. Use Google Translator to get Shiva Chalisa in language of your choice.

19th and early 20th centuries. Kavyamala is a collection of ancient, very rare and previously unpublished Sanskrit works. 14 volumes of Kavyamala anthologies of ancient Sanskrit works and 95 volumes of single books. The Kavyamala Series of books posted here were collected mostly from Digital Library of India.

I am especially indebted to Shri Madhav Deshpande who kindly sent me 3 books of this series and to Ajit Gargeswari for helping me to identify the titles in KM series. You will find several books on Srividya Upasana at scribd. If you give the book titles, I will try to help you. I am searching for a book mrugendra aagamam with commentary by agora sivacchariyar.

Vidyapada and Yogapada of Mrigendra Tantra published in Kashmir series and Kriyapada and Charyapada of Mrigendrama published by IFP. Both have commentaries of Narayanakantha. If you prove details of the publication of the commentary by Aghorasivacharya, I could try to help you. I have a copy of Suryasataka of mayura published from Nirnayasager press with a sanskrit commentary. I am willing to submit a copy of it for publishing it in the etext series. Sorry for the delay in replying to your comment, thanks for your kind offer to help.