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Most cases are due short bowel syndrome pdf the surgical removal of a large portion of the small intestine. Other causes include damage to the small intestine from other means and being born with an abnormally short intestine.

Treatment may include a specific diet, medications, or surgery. Short bowel syndrome newly occurs in about three per million people each year. There are estimated to be about 15,000 people with the condition in the United States. Outcomes depend on the amount of bowel remaining and whether or not the small bowel remains connected with the large bowel.

Intestinal failure is decreased intestinal function such that nutrients, water, and electrolytes are not sufficiently absorbed. Short bowel syndrome in adults and children is usually caused by surgery. Some children are also born with an abnormally short small intestine, known as congenital short bowel. The length of the small intestine can vary greatly, from as short as 2. On average it is about 6.

Due to this variation it is recommended that following surgery the amount of bowel remaining be specified rather than the amount removed. In a process called intestinal adaptation, physiological changes to the remaining portion of the small intestine occur to increase its absorptive capacity. Symptoms of short bowel syndrome are usually addressed with medication. United States under the brandname Gattex. Heung Bae Kim, MD, and Tom Jaksic, MD, both of Children’s Hospital Boston, devised the STEP procedure in the early 2000s. The procedure lengthens the bowel of children with SBS and may allow children to avoid the need for intestinal transplantation. As of June 2009, Kim and Jaksic have performed 18 STEP procedures.

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