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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Shortcut key for search in pdf file meaning of term “keyboard shortcut” can vary depending on software manufacturer. To differentiate from general keyboard input, most keyboard shortcuts require the user to press and hold several keys simultaneously or a sequence of keys one after the other. Unmodified key presses are sometimes accepted when the keyboard is not used for general input – such as with graphics packages e.

This distinction is important, as trying to press all the keys simultaneously will frequently either miss some of the modifier keys, or cause unwanted auto-repeat. One difference between them is that the keyboard shortcuts are not localized on multi-language software but the mnemonics are generally localized to reflect the symbols and letters used in the specific locale. There are keyboards that have the shortcuts for a particular application already marked on them. There are also stickers with shortcuts printed on them that can be applied to a regular keyboard. In the past, when computer hardware was more standardized, it was common for computer books and magazines to print cards that were cut out, intended to be placed over the user’s keyboard with the printed shortcuts noted next to the appropriate keys. This highlights a difference in philosophy regarding shortcuts. These systems usually limit a user’s ability to change shortcuts, possibly even requiring a separate or third-party utility to perform the task.

The motivations for customizing key bindings vary. Users new to a program or software environment may customize the new environment’s keybindings to be similar to another environment with which they are more familiar. Macintosh user interface, where if a program did not include the function normally carried out by one of the standard keystrokes, guidelines stated that it should not redefine the key to do something else as it would potentially confuse users. Intel with keyboard shortcuts visible at bottom left. The simplest keyboard shortcuts consist of only one key. For these, one generally just writes out the name of the key, as in the message “Press F1 for Help”. The name of the key is sometimes surrounded in brackets or similar characters.