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Did this information help you? Thank you for your response. You may leave detailed feedback below. Please provide your e-mail address if a response is requested. Original switch introduced in 1972 one of the earliest deployments of TDM switching in the world.

Major revision in the 1980s which eventually saw ISDN capabilities. Common in France, Ireland, China, India and elsewhere. E10B3 – major revision in the 1990s. OCB-283 – Another name for more modern versions of E10B and often the name used in India to distinguish it from older versions.

E10-MT formerly Thomson MT-25 found mostly in France, and MT20 too. E10-Five E10B adapted for the North American environment as a class-5 switch. E10-MSC mobile switching centre for GSM and other protocols. ISDN and next generation services.

S12 – Formerly known as “System 12” or the ITT 1240 or acquired by Alcatel when it purchased ITT’s assets in Europe. This is a very widely deployed switching system found in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Australia and many other countries around the world. There are a large number of versions of this type of switch ranging from local, to transit to international gateway to mobile switching centres. The line was converged with the E10 family of exchanges. Class 5 switch, many in use today, was the primary switch in former GTE exchanges. Traffic Service Position System, obsolete system for operator handled LD calls. MCX A version of the CX product line designed by F.

Bell Labs and becoming President of North Electric. The system never achieved the reputation of the CX product due to problems with poor contact pressure in the interconnection relays. Despite its much lower cost of production and installation, the level of maintenance required to keep these systems on good order doomed this variation of the CX design. This later was renamed the ITT 1210 product upon purchase of North electric by ITT. Ericsson purchased North Electric in the early 1950s and brought this Swedish design to North where it was reworked to conform to U. Ericsson in the early 1960s. The “United” version of NX-2A replaced the intercabling connection blocks with wire wrap connections so that switches could be installed or expanded without having custom cable harnesses provided by North Electric.