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Homeschool Spanish Curriculum – Interactive, fun and lower cost than other national brands. Free Demo Lessons – Try Before you Buy! Finally, a homeschool Spanish curriculum that’spanish workbook for kids pdf interactive, fun, and almost half the price of other national brands.

Our daughter is really enjoying your program. She works independently and takes the tests and is doing great. Learn independently by completing interactive lessons on the computer. Concentrate on sentence building and communication instead of memorizing grammar rules and vocabulary.

Listen to companion MP3s in the car or with a portable MP3 player for review. Take quizzes and tests for better retention. Mark and save progress throughout the course. Learn conversational Spanish with 30-60 minutes of study per day. Use supplemental resources for extra practice. The course itself is easy for students to use and has a built-in software who guides your children through each step of the program. The built-in software instructor also gives studying hints and grammar tips in each lesson to help students with the small details of learning the language.

Knowing Spanish will place your homeschool students an extra step ahead as they graduate and enter the workforce. We, as parents, need to prepare our students the best we can for the workforce – teaching our kids Spanish is a simple task with HUGE rewards. How Long Does it Take to Complete Level 1? Otherwise, a half hour of studying each day will allow a student to finish the program in 4-5 months. How Many Computers Can a Course be Installed on? Each course can be installed on 2 computers at one time. Keep in mind that you can create up to 5 student accounts on one computer.

How Do I Test My Student? Tests are automaticaly graded and recorded once completed. You can check the students score once they have taken an exam. It is also recommend that you watch the student while he or she is taking an exam. Once a student has finished the course, use the accumulated test scores to award an appropriate grade.

What Supplemental Materials are Available? 3-in-1 Workbooks are available to help your student practice writing in Spanish. The exercises in the book follow right along with the Level 1 lessons. Workbooks are only available for Level 1.

Are There Certificates of Completion Available? Certificates of completion are available for Levels 1, 2, and 3. Once your student has satisfactorily passed a course, add his or her name as well as the date to the appropriate certificate and print it out. The certficiates are provided below. When you open a certificate’s PDF file, double-click the colored boxes to type in the name and date.