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Minuchin contends that pathology structural family therapy pdf not in the individual, but within the family system. Its focus is on the structure of the family, including its various substructures.

An essential trait of SFT is that the therapist actually enters, or “joins”, with the family system as a catalyst for positive change. Joining with a family is a goal of the therapist early on in his or her therapeutic relationship with the family. Structural and Strategic therapy are important therapeutic models to identify as many therapists use these models as the bases for treatment. Each model has its own approach using different ways in conceptualizing a problem and developing treatment plans that support the goals stated for therapy. In addition, theory-based treatment plans are the source for goal development and treatment options by identifying the presenting problem and social influences.

Both these models use similar approaches and define goals with various therapeutic processes that begin with the building of therapist and client relationship. In addition, diversity and theory are identified as a major component in choosing a theory that addresses diversity issues. The goal of this model is to prevent sequences from repeating, by interrupting the family’s covert hierarchical structure. This includes the distribution of power shifting to others to by changing the style of interaction.