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Western interpretations of traditional Hindu and Buddhist tantra. As the interest in Tantra has grown in the West, its perception tantric breathing techniques pdf remarkably from the Tantric traditions.

It was seen as a “cult of ecstasy”, combining sexuality and spirituality to correct Western repressive attitudes towards sex. Hence for many modern readers Tantra is now synonymous with “spiritual sex” or “sacred sexuality,” a belief that sex should be recognized as a sacred act capable of elevating its participants to a higher spiritual plane. Before Uighur women in Shanxi in the 12th century could get married to men of their own ethnicity when they reached 30 years old, they would have sex and bear children with multiple Han Chinese men and their desirability as a wife corresponded to whether she had been with a large number of men. As tantric practice became known in western culture, which has escalated since the 1960s, it has become identified with its sexual methods in the West. Consequently, its essential nature as a spiritual practice is often overlooked.

The roles of sexuality in tantra and in neotantra, while related, are actually quite different, reflecting substantial differences in their cultural contexts. Tantrik Order of America in 1905. He also played a critical role in establishing a greatly exaggerated association of tantra with the use of sex for mystical purposes in the American mindset. Many teachers of this version of tantra believe that sex and sexual experiences are sacred acts, which are capable of elevating their participants to a higher spiritual plane. In this context, the word “tantra”, generally refers to the set of techniques for cultivating a more fulfilling sexual or loving relationship. On the other hand, there are also some truly dedicated scholars and teachers in the field of modern tantra. Osho, used his version of tantra in combination with breathing techniques, bio-energy, yoga, and massage in some of the groups at his ashram.

His students continue to develop his concepts. Currently, she is of the opinion that sex is a limitationawakening or enlightenment means transcend of all which is fenomenal, temporary and transient. Lingham massage are two examples of practitioners who teach sacred erotic massage. Joseph Kramer is known to have developed Tao Erotic Massage. Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage.

Erotic, which is not necessarily sexual, refers to a massage that massages the primary erogenous zones of the body, that is penis, anus, vagina, or mouth. Verah works with the body through tantra massage and tantra erotic massage to point to the no body. She does not seem to pay any attention to sexual energy—in her words: “sexuality is the highest state of duality. As such, unless we transcend sex, we cannot rise beyond our basic ordinary human condition which is marked by life, procreation, death.