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Free ESL Teaching english to beginners pdf for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced English students. No membership required to download ESL and EFL handouts and printables.

Are you looking for free ESL worksheets for beginners, intermediate or advanced ESL or EFL students? If you’re in a hurry, scroll down to get right to a bunch of free ESL worksheets for adults. Or sign up for a free copy of “ESL Worksheets for Adults” on the right side of this page. But if you have a moment, please take the time to read this page and its warnings and suggestions for teachers and tutors. If you’re an ESL or EFL teacher, especially a beginning teacher, you probably don’t get paid for all the time you put into preparing your lessons.

Microsoft Word, adjust the formatting, and so on. When searching for free ESL worksheets for beginners, intermediate and advanced students, I’ve been required to become a member of the site, or the exercises I’ve found are online interactive exercises—not very useful as ESL or EFL handouts! Another problem I’ve had with some of the free English worksheets for beginners that I’ve found online is that there are errors on the handouts! Unfortunately, I’ve often learned about this only after one of my ESL students has come back to me and said that the instructions didn’t make sense, or some of the questions were confusing. Now, I always try to find the time to review my exercises before I give them to my students. I know that’s so basic, but sometimes a teacher is just rushed! I’ve either developed myself or downloaded from other websites.