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How to Use Simple Words in Technical Writing. Technical writing a practical guide for engineers and scientists pdf writing is suppose to take a complex and complicated topic and make it easier to understand and interpret. One way technical writing makes things easier to understand is by using a simple, straight-forward writing style, including simple words.

Know who your audience will be. Before embarking on any technical writing project, the first thing you need to ask yourself is who will be the user of your document. Are there more than one type of user? What sort of knowledge and experience will this user have about the topic? What will that user be using my document to do? How often will they need to refer back to my document? Will the user understand the jargon associated with the topic?

Users of technical writing can fall into several different categories, each with their own specific needs: customers, end users, installers, developers, trainers and trainees, or tech support. You will most likely not be able to write a separate document for each user, so you will need to take into consideration the needs of ALL potential users when writing. Develop the objectives for your writing. Once you’ve figured out who your audience is, you need to figure out what how those users will be using the document. In general the document’s objective will fall into one of two categories: task-based or reference-based.