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This book is written with the prime objective to enable O level learners to have a stomach of history. The book is a quick study instrument and is suitable to be used by learners who are about to write their final exams. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper by clicking the the broken way study guide pdf above.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Want the PDF Guide That Goes With This Podcast? We’ve outlined exactly what you need to know on each topic in this free download. Notify MD and obtain appropriate order, document! Have all other alternatives been attempted?

Physical restraints restrict movement with a specific device. Does patient have increased ICP? Is patient experiencing hypertensive crisis? CDC’s classifications of isolation precautions in the 1980’s. Debunking Reverse Isolation from nursecode.

Tag appropriately and store in a place so that it is not circulated back into regular use without having issue addressed. Does a process need to change to prevent this from occurring in the future or was it human error? Are they hard of hearing, have visual deficits? Can they call someone if there’s an issue? Proper lifting technique: utilize this when a lift is not possible or necessary. What will you do, on this unit, when certain events occur? What will nursing’s responsibility be?

I thought I’d check with you first before I killed a man. Doctors and ordering providers may order or write for the incorrect thing when they meant something different, they may have put an order in on the wrong chart, or wrote an incorrect dosage. Hospitals will have policies that outline specifics. At home oxygen and supplies, CPAP’s, assistive devices, drains, tubes, and so forth. Visual: can they see what’s in front of them while walking? Can they see that they are taking the appropriate medication?

Hearing: can they hear someone speaking to them or yelling at them? Can they hear if they are in danger? Lifestyle: do they use seat belts? Do they use drugs recreationally? Is it a true allergy, or is it an adverse reaction?