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First published in 1974, it was adapted into a film in 1988. Although it received mixed reviews at the time of its publication, some reviewers have argued it is one of the best the chocolate war free pdf adult novels of all time. Jerry Renault is a freshman attending an all-boys Catholic high school called Trinity, while coping with depressive feelings and existential questions that stem largely from his mother’s recent death and his father’s enduring grief.

Jerry is quickly recruited onto Trinity’s football team, where he meets “The Goober,” a fellow freshman and instant friend. His first “assignment” is to incite Jerry to refuse to sell any chocolate for ten days. However, Jerry, inspired after reading a quotation inside his locker: “Do I dare disturb the universe? The Love Song of J. At first, Jerry’s refusal to cooperate with the corrupt school culture and fundraiser is seen by many classmates as heroic, but the gesture threatens Brother Leon and The Vigils’ ability to coerce the student population.

Leon presses Archie to put The Vigils’ full force behind the chocolate sales and so they set up Jerry as an enemy for the rest of the student body to harass through bullying, prank calls, and vandalism. Only The Goober remains Jerry’s friend but does little to protect him. Ultimately, Archie enlists the school bully Emile Janza to beat up Jerry just outside the school, but, even in the aftermath, Jerry maintains his defiant nonconformity. Finally, Archie concocts a showdown: a boxing match at night between Jerry and Emile.

Jerry is brutally injured in the ensuing darkness. Though Archie is apprehended as the mastermind of the fight, Brother Leon intervenes on his behalf and privately praises his efforts in the unprecedented success of the chocolate sales. Leon implies that next year, if he is officially made the new headmaster, he will work to preserve Archie’s power. The book was well received by critics. Children’s Book Review Service said, “Robert Cormier has written a brilliant novel. Cormier explained in an interview that he was “interested in creating real people, dramatic situations that will keep the reader turning pages.

He went on to say that although some adults dislike the book because of the topics discussed, “the kids can absorb my kind of book because they know this kind of thing happens in life. However, the book has been banned from many schools and it was one of the most challenged books of 2006, for its sexual content, strong language, and violence. Ted Hipple and Jennifer L. This page was last edited on 29 November 2017, at 23:56.

The film offers a portrait of the hierarchical structure, both formal and informal, of a Catholic boys’ school. However, Jerry continues refusing to participate in the chocolate sale well after the week is up, and it becomes apparent that he is acting on his own. When he is pressed for a reason as to why he is refusing to sell the chocolates, Jerry never gives an answer, and seems not to even have one. The Vigils are drawn into an alliance with Brother Leon to ensure the sale succeeds, as both now have their reputations on the line. The Machiavellian and creative Archie Costello, Assigner of The Vigils, summons Jerry to a face-to-face meeting before the secret society and orders him to sell the chocolates.

When Jerry still doesn’t, Archie steps up the harassment and bullying being arranged to pressure Jerry into giving in. At the same time, he organizes a Vigils-backed publicity campaign at Trinity, under a simple yet brilliant slogan that he presents to the other Vigils: “We’ll make selling chocolates popular. Public opinion at Trinity begins to turn against Jerry. He goes from being seen as a rebel hero to the only one not possessing enough school spirit. Roland Goubert, popularly known as “The Goober”, quietly joins Jerry in refusing to sell the chocolates, but the 50 boxes he was to sell are sold by other boys and then credited to his name, helping keep up the illusion that every single boy but Jerry is eagerly participating in the sale. Hounded everywhere he goes, Jerry is cornered on the way home from school by Emile Janza, a strong and brutish boy brought into the harassment campaign by Archie. After being taunted into anger by Emile, Jerry is ambushed by a group of local children and beaten up.