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Circle dancing is probably the oldest known dance formation and was part of community life from when people first started to dance. Generally, the the circle of profit pdf follow a leader around the dance floor while holding the hand of the dancers beside them. The dance can be gentle or energetic.

Stecak from Radimlja, Hercegovina showing linked figures. They dated from the end of the 12th century to the 16th century. They bear inscription and figures which look like dancers in a chain. Men and women are portrayed dancing together holding hands at shoulder level but occasionally the groups consist of only one sex. 14th century, show a group of young men linking arms in a round dance. 14th-century sermon, which calls chain dances “devilish and damned. Dancing around the church or a fire was frequently denounced by church authorities which only underscores how popular it was.

Dancing was primarily done around trees on the village green. Greeks, often of ten or more persons, stepped forth to the open place, took each other by the hand, made a round circle, and now stepped backward, now forward, sometimes went around, singing in Greek the while, sometimes stamped strongly on the ground with their feet. 1400 shows nine people, men and women, dancing in a line. The leader and some others in the chain carry bouquets of flowers. In the case of women’s dances, there may have been a man who acted as the leader.