The flying saucers are real pdf

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Earth vs the Flying Saucers DVD. Without proof of the encounter, other than a tape recording of the ship’s sound, The flying saucers are real pdf. Marvin is hesitant to notify his superiors. He is in charge of Project Skyhook, an American space program that has already launched 10 research satellites into orbit.

Carol’s father, informs Marvin that many of the satellites have since fallen back to Earth. The Marvins then witness the 11th falling from the sky shortly after launch. General Hanley is captured and taken away in the saucer. Too late, Russell discovers and decodes a message on his tape recorder: the aliens wanted to meet with Dr. Marvin and landed in peace at Skyhook for that purpose, but instead, they were met with violence. They and a pursuing motorcycle patrol officer are taken aboard a saucer, where the aliens extract knowledge directly from the General’s brain.

The aliens explain they are last of their species, having fled from their destroyed solar system. They have shot down all the launched satellites, fearing them as weapons. As proof of their power, the aliens give Dr. Marvin the coordinates of a naval destroyer that opened fire on them, and which they have since destroyed.