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September 1958 to July 1959. United States, running two seasons and totalling 26 half-hour episodes. In this version, the deviation from the novel went as far as changing the main character’s name from Dr. None of the other characters from the invisible partners pdf novel appeared in the series.

The series follows the adventures of Dr. Peter Brady, a scientist who is attempting to achieve invisibility with light refraction. This is how the character is credited on the rear sleeve of the Network DVD release. Jane, but this was changed to Diane — or “Dee”, as Brady himself usually refers to her — for the series. The bandaged hero could be seen bumping into doors and scenery, the strings which animated moving objects could be seen in a number of scenes. Secret Experiment”, “Picnic with Death” and “Bank Raid”. Network DVD release of the series.

Note: Series originally started filming in 1957. A second pilot episode titled “Secret Experiment” was made, and was used as the opening instalment of the series. While Brady searches for a cure to restore himself to normal, he also acts as an agent for the British Intelligence services. UK and US broadcasters leading to episodes in which Brady’s invisibility is known about by the public, such as “Behind the Mask”, being screened before its reveal in the episode “Picnic with Death”. Behind the Mask” has a foreign industrialist with influence who tricks Brady into making him invisible too in an attempt to assassinate his country’s new ruler. Subsequently, in “Picnic with Death”, a motoring accident fully exposes Brady’s invisibility, to the point that he is besieged by the Press. Jailbreak” to escape the police when they thought he was Brady.

Brady without the bandages, i. Brady’s voice, also without on-screen credit, using a transatlantic accent in order to help ITC sell the series to the United States. In later episodes, Tim Turner both played and voiced Brady — as press cast list handouts from 1959 clearly show. A number of different ‘actors’ portrayed Brady throughout the earlier episodes, particularly noticeable in the episode “Play to Kill” where a slim Brady changes into a stocky version in exterior scenes. Although according to Lisa Daniely: “I can’t remember his name, and he wasn’t really a very good actor. He was quite a nice looking bloke, but not a very dynamic personality. Tim Turner himself appeared visibly in the “Man in Disguise” episode, though on this occasion he played Nick, a foreign-accented villain who impersonates Brady.

On another occasion, a motorist was surprised to see a car without a driver pull up at traffic lights alongside him. A man then rushed across to the apparently empty car, pulled open the door, and then recoiled from an invisible blow. The motorist didn’t know that there was a film unit present, and the man thrown back from the driverless car was actually an actor. Fortunately, the motorist was felt not to have spoilt the take, but rather had helped it — his look of astonishment at what he had witnessed was so well displayed that he was kept in the finished scene.

In the second series, the camera often took on Brady’s point of view, i. It has since come to light that two other actors played the voice of Peter Brady after Robert Beatty and before Tim Turner. However, Carpenter appeared to have a reputation for being unreliable as, from “Picnic with Death” onwards, Brady was voiced by Tim Turner. The music for the pilot was composed by Sydney John Kay, and he is credited as the musical director for series one. Airdates given here are for ATV London. The actors who provided the Voice of Peter Brady are listed only once until they change. Experimenting on making guinea pigs invisible by lowering their refractive index to that of air, Dr.

Peter Brady becomes invisible himself after a radioactive leak. 50,000 from a bank in order to pay the ransom for her safe return. Brady becomes an official secret and seeks help from fellow scientist, Crompton, to make him visible again, but Crompton sees the advantages of invisibility and steals Brady’s notes. Brady is asked to rescue a British agent who has been captured by Colonel Omar and his soldiers in the Middle East. With the help of local resistance fighter Yolanda, Brady plans to rescue the agent from a high-security hospital before he reveals this knowledge to Omar. Hideously disfigured millionaire Raphael Constantine volunteers to be a guinea pig for Brady’s experiments, to which Brady agrees.

Unknown to Brady, Constantine has an ulterior motive which could be deadly to the visiting president Domecq. Tania, a Russian scientist working in London, criticises her government and is abducted. Brady comes to her aid, believing she can help him to become visible again. One of Sally’s friends is afraid her mother is going to be murdered by her stepfather and his sister, and Sally asks her Uncle Peter to use his invisibility to save her. Brady goes aboard an Iron Curtain ship in the London docks to rescue a prisoner, but discovers it is a trap using a form of radar to catch him and his secret of invisibility. Unknown to puppeteer Penny Page, the mink coat she is wearing on a plane to Paris contains smuggled microfilm of atomic research papers.

Fellow passenger Peter Brady becomes involved in the intrigue. When Brady’s friend Arthur Holt is accused of drug smuggling and is nearly killed by the gang responsible in front of his blind wife Katherine, he becomes the woman’s eyes to break the smuggling ring. Convinced Joe Green, who has been convicted of armed robbery, is innocent, Brady searches for a girl who can provide an alibi. 50,000 ransom for her safe return. To save the daughter of Professor Owens, a brilliant scientist, from danger, Brady uses his invisibility to manipulate the casino tables in Italy in Owens’s favour. But little does Owens know that he is gambling his daughter’s life away.